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Immigration Law

Immigration law is a very complex area of law. Not necessarily every Immigration Attorney have experience and expertise to handle any Immigration case. That is why it is crucial to get help from an attorney who handled issues similar to yours. We have experience representing clients in the Removal Proceedings before the Immigration Courts, filing Asylum and Cancellation of Removal applications. We handled cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals and briefed on Petitions before the Court of Appeals. We prepared and filed Motions to Reopen/Reconsider the Immigration Proceedings in the cases where the final orders have been issued in the past. We also deal in family-based Immigration Petitions and filing for waivers of bars to admissibility.

Criminal Law

We have experience representing the clients before the State and Federal Courts where the Defendants were facing misdemeanor or felony charges. We especially consider the legal status of client in the country to determine the Immigration Consequences of any pending charges or convictions. We also handle the Post-Conviction Relief motions to expunge or vacate the convictions.

Family Law

We believe that family law cases are compassionate, and parties may experience an emotional roller-coaster while navigating through the procedural formalities. Since the stakes are high, we give personalized attention to the clients and the cases to achieve the most favorable results in the given set of facts.

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